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70        Years of Indian


                                            79-81    Constitution is based on                     119-122     Fundamental rights and role
                                                     collective will of the people
                                                                                                              of the Supreme Court
                                                     Dr. Ashok Kukade                                         Mohan Parasharan

                                                     GI tagging of heritage, a manifestation     123-125      Developing science & scientific
                                           82-86     of fundamental duty of developing                        temper, the fundamental duties of
                                                     science & scientific temper
                                                                                                              Indian citizens
                                                     Dr. Rajani Kant
                                                                                                              Amitava Roy

                                            87-90     Constitution of India-includes all,        126-129      Virtual courts add to accesibility &
                                                      excludes none
                                                      Prof R.K. Kohli                                         Kaleeswaram Raj, Thulasi K. Raj

                                            91-94     My idea of Republic in the light of       130-132      संविधान की अंतरात्ा
                                                                                                             Ram Bahadur Ray
                                                       Justice S Manikumar
                                                                                                133-135      भारतीय नागररकों के ्ूलभूत
                                                                                                             अवधकार और फर्ज
                                          95-100      Constitution of India, a holy book                     Shahbuddin Rathod
                                                      for India’s Armed Forces

                                                      General VP Malik (Retd)                    136-143     Fundamental Rights & imp
                                                                                                             act of Covid 19 pandemic
                                          101-104     70 Years of India’s Constitution: A                    BALAKISTA V. Reddy
                                                      firm and yet resilient Constitution

                                                      Prof Annpurna Nautiyal                                 भारतीय गणतंत्र की संिैधावनक
                                                                                                 144-146     संकल्पनाः ्परं्परा और आधुवनकता
                                         104-108      A Constitution that empowers                           Sanjeev Kumar Sharma

                                                      Prof Madhav Das Nalapat                    147-151     Delivering speedy justice to realize objectives
                                                                                                             of the Constitution in letter and spirit

                                          109-112     Constitution of India-                                 Prof TSN Sastry
                                                      a saga of 70 years journey

                                                                                                             Bill-Time to act Now
                                                      Ram Naik                                   152-154     Women's Reservation
                                          113-118     Native Democracy &  the India                          TK Viswanathan
                                                       Dr R Nagaswamy

                                                                                      70 Years of Indian Constitution                           7
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