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70       Years of Indian                                                                                                                                             Years of Indian


                                               8-10    भारतीय संविधान: प्रगवत और                      44-47    Constitution of India- a corrective
                                                                                                               course for women’s rights
                                                       स्थिरता का आधार
                                                       Om Birla, Hon'ble Lok Sabha Speaker
                                                                                                                Dr Sonal Mansingh
                                              11-15    Supreme Court: the vanguard                   48-53     The Idea behind India’s
                                                       that protects the Constitution
                                                                                                                noble Constitution
                                                       Justice JK Maheswari
                                                                                                               Murlidhar C. Bhandare

                                             16-20     A Constitution that signifies the            54-56      The Constitution of India secures
                                                       soul of Republic
                                                                                                               fundamental rights of the people
                                                       Justice Vikram Nath                                     Dr Uddhab Kr Bharali
                                                                                                               The Constitution of India: an

                                             21-25     Constitution is based on                      57-60     evolving design
                                                       collective will of the people
                                                       Justice G.S. Ahluwalia                                  Prof Bidyut Chakrabarty

                                                                                                               economic reforms
                                             26-29     Eradication of Poverty is a                   61-64     Constitutional amendments and
                                                       Constitutional Guarantee
                                                                                                               Bibek Debroy
                                                       K K Venugopal
                                                                                                               Fundamental Rights & Duties
                                                                                                               serve as a constant reminder of
                                             30-34      Indian Constitution, a journey              65-68      our national goals
                                                       from Fundamental Rights to Duties
                                                                                                               Droupadi Ghimiray
                                                       Nargund M.B.                                            Indian Constitution, a final
                                                                                                     69-73     treatise on Governance
                                                                                                               &Fundamental Rights
                                             35-38     Constitutional amendments and                           Prof Meenakshi Jain
                                                       economic reforms

                                                       Anand Mahindra                                          Article 371 A of Indian Constitution
                                                                                                      74-78    and Nagaland
                                                       Indian Constitution & fundamental                       SCJamir
                                             39-43     rights- role of the judiciary

                                                       Acharya B.V, Senior Counsel

                6   70 Years of Indian Constitution
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